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Naro D¡¨ will be released soon, and ¡§Micro D 2BB/MG¡¨ is available for order

   Our R&D told us that the coming ¡§Naro D¡¨, the smallest GWS Naro Digital servo will be release soon. This new digital servo can be used on 3D helicopters in the same category of Trex 400 and 450. Moreover, The Digitalized Micro 2BBMG, ¡§Micro D 2BB/MG¡¨ has just been released. It¡¦s the same in metal gears and twin ball bearings, it works more accurately and smoothly

than the old Micro 2BBMG, it outputs the same torque at any point of its throw.

2009.03.02 Notice/Reminder published to Naro Super D users

To all Naro Super D servo users:
Sorry to inform you that we've been reported and found out that the carbon brushes of the motor used on the Naro Super D servo might get stuck when widely operated by the "Head Locking Gyro" which was normally used on the tail of 3D helicopters.
We're trying to update the motor used on it as soon as possible. The new batch of this servo with the newly upgraded motor will be released in the coming May or June. We're also trying to make them slightly different from the current ones. A sticker might be stuck on it.
While the current Naro Super D servos still work fine with sailplanes, slope gliders and all fixed wing airplanes, however NOT for the tail blades of the 3D helicopters.


GWS Digital Servos