GWS Top Electric Flight FAQ

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How fast can GWS A10 fly?

It is about 40Km/hr ~ 60Km/hr normally.


What is the approximate scale of A10 ?

The scale of A10 is 18:1 approximately.


How about the flight height of A10 in general ?

Normally, it is about 15ft. ~ 30 ft. in height.


What battery packs can be used for A10?(depended on the power systems)

1. You can use 7N8.4V730mAh Ni-MH  or 7N8.4V600mAh Ni-CD battery pack for better performance.  But with Ni-CD, you have to adjust the C.G. point because Ni-CD is heavier than Ni-MH.
2. Also, you can use 7.4V Li-Poly batteries, and this will make the flying even better. But be sure to re-adjust the C.G.


What is the largest power system or motor that can be put into A10?

EDF55 is the largest one for A10.If you choose A10 EDP series, the EM300H motor is the largest one.


Problem with retractable landing gear?

You can use GWS retractable landing gear particular designed for RC planes (MM.MG). In order to put this onto the plane, some plane modification is necessary and has to be made by the flyers.


What are the differences of A10 EDF & A10 EDP?

A10 EDF: Deduct fan, direct-drive.
A10 EDP: No Deduct fan, direct-drive, back-push type.


What kind of glue can be used for A10?

There are three options that you can choose:
1. Use GWS glue -- item no. GW/P-STICK-FAS6. You can get this one from our dealers near you. Dealer information please check
2. 5-minute Epoxy. You can get this from hobby shops.
3. Or white glue.


How to have more thrust for A-10 with EDF-50?

To get more thrust, we would suggest you to choose EDF-50H or EDF-50AH or EDF-50BH. Those three power systems have been used the 7.2V motor of CN12-RXC, and this motor requires 8.4V ~ 10.8V. As more voltage required for this motor, you might have to add more batteries to the plane.


What Li-Poly batteries can work on EDF55 A-10?

Can choose either 7.4V 1050mAh or 11.1V 1050mAh Li-Poly batteries. Basically, 11.1V will have a longer duration than 7.4V. When using 11.1V, you can't fly it with full throtle all the time.


What motors can be used in EDF55 for A10?

Two types of motors:  EM150 and EM300H.