GWS Top Electric Flight FAQ

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How long can the Beaver fly with a 7.2V 270mAh Ni-CD battery pack?

It's very normal to fly 2 minutes in around.


What type of batteries recommend for Beaver to have longer flight time?

We would recommend you to use 730mAh or 750mAh (Ni-Mh) battery packs. That would be more powerful and the flight time is about 6~7 minutes.


Can the Beaver fly on floats with EPS350 power system?

There is no problem to fly Beaver on floats with EPS350 power system. But there might be one thing that you need to be care of, the wing reinforcement.



Where is the center of gravity for model C47?

The Center of Gravity (C. G. / balancing point) is located 50~55mm back from the leading edge of the lower wing. After all radio gear and the battery pack is installed, check the C.G. point of your airplane. If the balancing poing is offset, move the receiver and speed controller forward or vice versa until you find the recommended balancing point.




What flight pack can be used in Cargotrans?

It's GW/CB668B (JR/Futaba), which includes NaroX3, R6NIIX1, ICS480X1 and 8N1600AA x1.





Concerning E-Starter with EPS-400C electric motor, what's correct propeller for this model and motor in recommendation?

You can use the EP1060 propeller  in EPS-400C power system for "E-Starter" airplane, kindly refer to further information at web site


Which propeller (EP1080 and EP1147) is preferred for flying E-Starter?

The best combination will be EP1147 with gear type D and EP1080 with gear type C.


Does the flying weight listed in the manual include the weight of the battery ?

Yes, it's included the weight of the battery.


Can the GWS floats be used on the E-Starter with the 350C motor ?

Yes, the GWS floats can used on E-Starter with EPS350C.


For flying requirement, what are the other component parts needed for E-Starter except the power system?

Except the power system, you still need:
1. 3 ~ 4 channel transmitter & Tx crystal.
2. Receiver & Rx crystal.
3. PICO/NARO servos
4. Speed controller(GW/ICS-300 above)
5. Batteries (7.2V ~ 9.6V)
6. Quick Charger


Where is the center of gravity for E-STARTER plane ?

We remarked  a  circle on the wing, which is located at the end of bamboo stick.  Please try to find it.


How to take off the E-Starter with floats from the water?

When take off, set the E-Starter against the wind. Keep it sliding straight until it reaches sufficient takeoff speed, and then apply just a touch of up-elevator.


Can GW/BP3S1P1300 Li-Poly work with GWS E-Starter 400C?

Be confirmed that you can use GW/BP3S1P1300 Li-Poly batteries for your E-Starter 400C. But have to pay attention on the speed controller whether it's workable with 11.1V Li-Poly.


What propeller should be used with a battery range between 8.4V ~ 9.6V 650~1100mAh?

Either EP1080 or EP9070 can do depended on flyer's skills and preferences. EP1080 has bigger loading than EP9070, which will make the motor more easily to become hot.




Will the 2 existing holes (over 1cm each) on both sides of the fuselage affect the flying of F4U?

The holes on the fuselage are quite normal situation. No need to worry about that. It wouldn't affect any flying performance. You may use the stickers to cover it up if you think the appearance is not so good.




What is the largest power system can be used in Formosa?

The largest one is EPS400C.


In what condition Formosa is underpowered?

The problem is related to the battery you use. Not using the high-rate discharge battery, the motor will be underpowered. If use more voltage to the motor, it did increase the motor power. But at the same time, the motor is very easily to burn down (the max. DC voltage for this motor is 9.6V).


Is that ok to install two 8.4V Li-Poly battery packs?

The way you installed the two Li-Poly battery packs will cause different effect to the motor. If you install them in series, the motor will be damaged. But in parallel, the motor works fine.


What is the flight time for Formosa when using 7.4V 1050mAh, 11.1V 1050mAh or 7.4V 2100mAh Li-Poly batteries?

With 7.4V 1050mAh Li-Poly, it's estimated around 5 minutes.
With 11.1V 1050mAh, it's estimated around 10 minutes.
With 7.4V 2100mAh, it's estimated over 10 minutes.


What propeller should be used with 9.6V 1100mAh battery pack?

Either EP9070 or EP8060 propeller can be equipped with 9.6V 1100mAh depended on flyer's personal skills and preferences. EP9070 has bigger loading than EP6080, and so does to make the motor more easily to become hot. However, please check 1100mAh battery pack whether it's over weighted to this plane.




What flight pack that can be used in Formosa II?

It's GW/CB668B (JR/Futaba), which includes NaroX3, R6NIIX1, ICS480X1 and 8N1600AAx1.




How to get the bamboo sticks tight for the wing?

You could use the tape or epoxy around the stick of the wing to make it tight. However, once you use the glue then you could not take it off.


How to get more power for Pico J3?

You could change the IPS to IPS-DX2BB-BX and use EP1080 propeller.


Where is the C.G. of Pico-J3-F?

The center of Gravity (C. G. / balancing point) is located 50~60 mm back from the leading edge of the main wing. After all radio gear and the battery pack is installed, check the C.G. point of your airplane. If the balancing poing is offset, move the receiver and speed controller forward or vice versa until you find the recommended balancing point.


What are the differences between "GW/P-J3-FD" and "GW/P-J3-FC/Y"?

"GW/P-J3-FD" represents a luxurious version and "GW/P-J3-FC/Y" represents a super version. The main difference between them is the power system. FC/Y version is more powerful than FD version.
"GW/P-J3-FD" version has been phased out, GW/P-J3-FC/Y instead.




What to do if can't get the P51D to go up more than 3 ft.?

1. Make sure your batteries are fully charged.
2. Check your C. G. point.    Make sure to push your battery in at the forefront point.
3. Make sure the throttle and throttle's trimmer is full forward.
4. Must run-up for certain distance before take off.
5. Check whether it's over weighted.


Is EPS300 powerful enough to fly P51D? 

Yes, it is powerful enough.


What Li-Poly batteries can work on P51D?

Use either 7.4V or 11.1V 1050mAh Li-Poly. 11.1V Li-Poly will give more thrust, but be careful not to stay at full throttle for too long, or the motor might easy to burn up. With 7.4V, better equipped with EP9070 propeller. With 11.1V, use EP8060 prop.





The horizontal stabilizer of Slow Stick does not sit level on the plane, but "leans" to the left.  What to do?

1. Flying is depending on the main wing angle, not the horizontal stabilizer.
2. To trim the horizontal stabilizer in order to fit the main wing by flyers. Please do the trim when putting on glue.


What propeller do you recommend for Slow Stick with EPS350C-D?

To choose either EP1180 or EP1080 for better performance.


Any recommendations for a combination that flies the Slow Stick nicely but draws less current?

You can think about GWS EPS-150C or EPS-100C running with GWS 1050mAh Li-Poly pack. Or just stay with the original power system in D gear, but use propeller EP1147.


How to straighten the stabilizer and elevator if they are both downward curved?

Two suggestions:
1. Put some books or boards on the stabilizer and elevator to straighten them if they are just slightly downward curved.
2. Use the hair dryer to blow the stabilizer and elevator. When you do this, be sure to keep the hair dryer with some distance, and be sure to keep the hair dryer moving when blowing. Use your hand to touch the stabilizer and elevator. If you feel a little bit hot, you have to stop blowing and put on some books or boards to straighten them.


How to apply the decals on Slow Stick perfectly?

There are two ways to do that:
1. Start to apply the iron cross decals from their center and then push outward slowly.
2. Use some half-wet tissue or cloth to wipe over the applied surface of the wing slightly, and then apply the decals onto it following the no. 1 method. With this, you can easily to squeeze out the air if the bubbles come out.


How to make the push rods adjustable for Slow Stick?

There are two ways to do that:
1. To fold a V-shape on each push rod.
2. To add an adjustable retainer on the servo, which makes the push rod adjustable. The part number is "GW/A10-FAS4-1".




How to correct the bent fuselage of Spitfire for well fly?

Please follow below 3 steps:
1. Use the knife cut the horizontal stabilizer away carefully.
2. Use the knife started from the backside of cockpit and moves toward to the vertical fin, then cut it away.
3. When the fuselages had been separated, you can adjust the bent fuselage accordingly.
Lastly, you need to glue back the horizontal stabilizer and repaint it again. 


Where do the decals no. 1, 2, 9, 13 and 16-33 go on the Spitfire?

As per your question, answering as below:
A. No.1 -- for unpainted fuselage. Please check manual p.10 picture 69. It is used on the bottom of the wing.
B. No. 2 -- for green color fuselage, and the usage as above.
C. No.9 -- you can decide to place them at anywhere or not to use them.
D. No.13 & 16-33 -- just place them anywhere you want.


Is Spitfire suitable for a beginner to start with?

We would suggest you to try something more suitable for beginner, like a Slow Stick with EPS300C power system. After you master the Slow Stick then come back to Spitfire.


What to do if hard to keep the Spitfire flying upright?

Suggest moving the C.G of your Spitfire forward and finding out the balancing point with best performance. Please note that you don't have to follow our manual under this situation.




What are the maximum cells of a battery pack that can be used for light Sticks' motors?

Our instruction manual only recommends using maximum 6 cells (7.2V).


Can Pico-Stick's elevator and rudder be bended?

You can bend 40 degree for each side, but need to put a tape on the opposite side in avoiding crack to happen.




Which power system should I go with the TM?

EPS-400C (D).


Can fly GWS TM400 with the tail and elevator only?

GWS Tiger Moth 400 doesn't have straight-surface wings, and it doesn't have dihedral wings also. It flies blunt with tail and elevator only. But if your skill is good enough, of course can fly that way.




How to increase the flight time and power for Zero?

You are available to use a 9.6V 730mAH battery pack, and use EP9070 propeller. When flying, be sure not to keep it stay at full throttle for too long, or the motor will burn up easily. Or use Lipo battery to decrease the weight.


What is the best way to break in the electric motor that came with Zero?

Use 4.8V batteries to break in till the motor is not turning.




How to increase the speed or more climbing power for Pico Tiger Moth?

Basically, the equipments that go within the kit are designed to give the plane best performance based on the designer's experience. However, higher potential may be reached depending on how you equip the plane. Therefore, it's possible to use a different combination to increase the power of the plane, and this is concerning to the flyer's skills and preference. As this plane is initially designed for gear drive, if you want to try other power systems, please try the one with gear drive.