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How does GWS peak charger work?
When a Ni-Cad battery is charged and its voltage increases. It is a basic characteristic of these batteries that when they are fully charged the voltage levels off and then goes down very slightly. The chargers look for this small change in voltage and terminate the charge when they notice it. Note that some chargers drop into a maintenance trickle mode but beware of this. In some cases the trickle charge is much too high for the battery to be left for a long time and so the battery can be overcharged even on the "trickle" rate.


How does charging current relate to capacity?

First of all, make sure of the rate for a given length of Charging and use the following rule: amps = Capacity / time to charge e.g. to charge a 1200 mAh battery in 20 minutes requires a current setting of 3.6 amps: amps = 1200 mAh / .33 h = 1.2 ah * 3 h =3.6 amps. The same rule can also be reworked to determine how long it will take to charge a battery at a given current: time to charge = Capacity / amps e.g. The time it takes to charge a 1500 mAh battery at 5 amps is 18 minutes: time to charge = 1500 mah / 5 amps = 1.5 ah / 5 a = .3 h = 18 minutes. The charging process is not totally efficient some of the energy is lost as heat and the charging takes place a little longer than this.


What are the battery cells and charge rates that MC 2002 charger can work?

MC 2002 can charge 4~12 cells of 50~3000mAh Ni-MH or Ni-CD battery packs rapidly at three charge rates of 1C, 2C and 1/2C. Please check for more details.


What do the charge rates of 1C, 2C and 1/2C mean?

Take a battery capacity of 1000mAh as an example:
1C: uses 1000mAh (1A) charge current to battery (the charge current is equal to the battery capacity).

It takes about an hour to be fully charged.
2C: uses 2000mAh (2A) charge current to battery (the charge current is 2 times of battery capacity).

It takes about half an hour to be fully charged.
1/2C: uses 500mAh (0.5A) charge current to battery (the charge current is half of battery capacity).

It takes about two hours to be fully charged.
According to these examples above, we can know that it takes about 20 minutes for 3C (3A) and 15 minutes for 4C (4A).



Will GWS charger work with Lithium batteries?
NO ! Please don't try it. Our standard charger will very quickly destroy Lithium batteries of all types. They need very special charging methods which are different for each Lithium cell type. Even you try to charge with a slow charger can do damage.



Will GWS chargers work with NiMH cells?

Absolutely GWS standard slow or trickle charger as supplied with most radio systems will work with both NiCad and NiMH batteries. For fast charging, it's best to use a charger which specifies that it is suitable for NiMH. Since the characteristics of NiCad and NiMH cells are slightly different, the best chargers have different programs which allow them to terminate the charge in various ways.



Does the Australian power plug for charger require any additional wall adapters?

Generally speaking, the Australian power plug for charger is 240V  2 pin, as / \  shaper.