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Concerning the EPS-300 with 9.6 / 730 Ni-MH packs, the performance is faster and stronger than the suggested 8.4 / 730 packs in case. Is the higher voltage going to hurt the motors ?

Yes. it can? shorten the life-span of motor to use the 9.6/730 Ni-MH packs.


How long the EPS300C motor last (in hours). I like to know a GWS Sanyo 8 cell nimh 720 mah how heavy is it (in grams).

Please be advised that we do not have any idea for the life-span of motor you asked.? Our engineer said that the life of motor is depended on flights at latest 10-20 times or so if it beareful to use. Kindly refer to the following specification of batte.


How about the maximum take-off weight of EPS-300c motor ?

The maximum take-off weight of EPS-300C is 475g. For a high-wing slow flyer/trainer, we suggest a flying weight of 375g and for a low-wing speedy airplane, we recommend a 320g flying weight.


Would a small prop (smaller than the recommended) on the EPS-100 C motor running with at 7.2V - 8.4V damage it ? Say a 7 x 6 Slow Flyer Orange Electric Propeller (EP-7060) ?

Our Aero-modeling engineer suggest that youan useW/EPS-100C-2S power system for better performance, please refer to our web site



I would like to know if it would be incredibly unwise to put a 8.4V Ni-MH?50mAh battery up to a EPS-100/BB - D motor with a EP-7060 prop.? Would that combo toast the motor ?

If you insist tose EP-7060 propeller and 8.4V Ni-MH 350mAh battery on your aircraft, it is ok but the power is less than theP8060 propeller sets,ur engineer says.


Which props are supposed to fit on EPS-400C with the G gear ? I have tried the 1260 and the shaft diameter is too small on the prop for it to fit.

We will suggest you that to use EP1080 for EPS power system. We will recommend you to use EP7035 for EDP power system. The best combination would be EP1170 for Direct & EP1180 for slow Flyer if you're using EPS-400C-GS.



If possible to reverse GW/IPS (2/1/A/B/C/D/E/F) motor and propeller on pusher airplane without losing any efficiency ? I would like to reverse the connecter on the wires so that it would run it the opposite direction.

Yes, there will be a loss on efficiency when reversing the connectors. It seems that you are planning tose the gear-down power system on  pusher airplane. In this case,? when you reverse the motor and prop, you should gain more efficiency on the motor. Because the motor is already "reversed" on the gear-down power system.? Oppositely, if you plan to use the direct-drive power system on a pusher, he motor will lose efficiency when you reverse the connectors.