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How to adjust GWS PHA-01 ?

(1) 3 in one mixerboard adjustment
*Main : 2- pin header for main motor.
*Tail : 2-pin header for tail motor.
*Mixer Gain :"+"(clockwise) increase the tail motor output, "-" (counterclockwise) decrease the tail motor output.
*Gyro Gain :"+"(clockwise) increase the ability of gyro to balance the helicopter (stable but less active),
"-" (counterclockwise) decrease the ability of gyro to balance the helicopter (active but less stable).
*SW1: reversing switch for gyro, switch 2 no use. (Both switches are set to the correct positions before shipment)

(2) Adjustment Instruction:
(Please disconnect the battery before any adjustment and to reset the mixerboard by re-connecting the power after any adjustment.)
*With Motor 300 : The Mixer Gain is set to around 12 ~1 o'clock direction & the Gyro Gain is set to Maximum.
*With Motor 150 : The Mixer Gain is set to around 2 ~3 o'clock direction & the Gyro Gain is set to Maximum.
The above settings are for beginners to control and maneuver the GWS Dragonfly easily.
*For advanced flyers, you can adjust the mixerboard based on your skills and preferences.
Due to the aging of motors, the performances of motors decrease. You can balance the helicopter by adjusting Mixer Gain.
If the motor(s) performance deteriorates (RPM or power decreases and you cannot maneuver the helicopter properly by any adjustment
to the mixerboard, please change the motor(s).



How to take off the heli tail rotor housing and fin?

You have to use CA debonder to soften up the adhesive. It may take few tries: use a small drop of CA debonder at the openning, wait for a few miniutes. Drop in more CA into the openning. Repeat until the CA is complete soften, then you can separate it from the boom.


How long can EM150 and EM300H Dragonflies fly?

Both of them can fly 5~7 minutes.


How to adjust the PHA-01 when upgraded the geared tail rotor to a direct drive?

Because of this changing from a geared tail rotor to a direct drive, the thrust ratio of the main blades and tail rotors will be changed as well, so you need to adjust the Mixer Gain first then the Gyro Gain. Please check below steps:
1. Hold the helicopter from the bottom with your hand. Add some throttle. Don't let it fly away, and adjust the Gyro Gain to its minimum point.
2. Still holding the helicopter. Slowly add up the throttle, and adjust the Mixer Gain slowly to the point when the tail rotor is balanced.
3. Put down the helicopter and do the flying test with adding up the speed and slowing down the speed. While flying test, adjust the Gyro Gain if the helicopter shakes a lot. After adjusting the Gyro Gain, slightly trim the transmitter if you want more exquisite results.


How long can the mini Dragonfly fly with Li-Poly batteries?

It will be around 20 minutes.



How to fly Mini Dragonfly ?

Here are the tips how to fly the Mini dragonfly :
1. Make sure your fly bar and rotor head are setup well. Balanced decently and everything aligned right, fly bar paddles flat and equal to each other. Fly bar links flat and aligned. (these don't need to be that perfect as some say... I just rough them in visually.)
2. Make sure after you mount the battery that the  heli  is well balanced, you need to put your fingers under the fly bar and lift it. Check the  balance for port and starboard and fore and aft. As you lift it to check balance, the skids should be parallel to the ground in both directions. If not, move your battery a little to make the  balance in all 4 directions.
3. Blades should be connected to the rotor head with bolts that are "loose enough" to allow you to easily pivot the blades by hand, but not so loose that they pivot by themselves. if you tip the head. You'll start to learn the feel of the right tension. This is VERY important for good control.
4. Build some training set if possible (GWS training set is available).
5. Set the  heli and hopefully training set down on a smooth surface (no carpet) a cement floor works great... or other smooth surface like linoleum or flat tile that will allow the  heli to slide on it.
6. Power up  and if it vibrates a lot, power down and move your main rotor blades a little... if possible use a triangle or square to make sure the main blades are at a 90 degree angle to the fly bar rod. If they are properly positioned you'll eliminate the vibration. If you have them properly tensioned you may see vibration at first, but once the centrifugal force starts to take effect the blades will align and balance themselves. (proper tension is needed to allow this to happen) too tight and they won't move, too loose as they whip around and don't stay in one place. You may hold the  heli down by it's skids when testing this phase.
7. Once you're past the vibration stage - power up again and watch which way the  heli slides on the floor. Adjust the trim on your radio to eliminate the fore/aft/side to side sliding. (some slight left movement is normal due to the rotor torque)
8. If your heli rotates instead of just sliding, you need to turn the Mixer control pot on PHA-01 to the left or to the right depending on which way the  heli rotates. As you power up the heli should remain facing in the same direction and should NOT rotate. It does not fly until you have solved this problem. Position yourself behind and slightly left of the heli. (this is your starting flying position for all power up tests and first flights)
9. When trimmed so that it doesn't slide around (or slightly slides left a little) and it doesn't rotate... you have it set up properly. NOW if possible move the  heli to carpet (or something that will pad your crash). Carpet is easier to crash on than cement. The carpet also stops the  heli from sliding away when lifting off. But setup/trimming needs to be done on the smooth hard surface.
10. spin up the rotor slowly until it's spinning at a good rate and the blades balance out. Then your ready to lift off. Give more throttle (not too slowly) but enough to get it up 12-16 inches. Be ready to power down in case of emergency. Perform short hops - up and down. Make sure the nose stays away from you and doesn't turn. Make sure the  heli doesn't take off and start flying in some direction on it's own. If it does you haven't trimmed it quite right. Adjust the trim on your radio and try some more hops. Whenever you get into trouble, kill the throttle. Keep practicing these hops until they get longer and longer and longer.



What kind of motor and speed controller we need when using 3 cells Li-Poly (11.1V) on the Dragonfly?

We do not recommend using 3 cells Li-Poly on the helicopter. It will over power the motor, and the Feda 2-in-1 mixer speed controller can not handle the current draw. 2 cells Li-Poly will be no problem to the dragonfly and we recommend you to use 3-in-1 GWS Pico board instead of Feda 2-in-1 mixer speed controller.



What parts will be damaged when the helicopter crashed?

Generally, the crash will only damage the structure of the helicopter and will not damage the PCB, motor or PHA-01. However, if the flyers forget to turn off the throttle before rushing to get the helicopter and the main blades keep striking to the ground, the servo, main motor and PHA-01 will be over loading and thus cause them to burn up.


What's the difference between GW/HFD4EII and GW/HFD4FII?

GW/HFD4EII stands for not assembled; GW/HFD4FII stands for open box to fly (Fully assembled).



What to do when the Dragonfly always turns to the left while flying?

1. This is not the transmitter problem. The problem shall lies somewhere else.  It's strongly suggested to double-check whether your Dragonfly has been assembled correctly by following  the manual.
2. Please adjust main blade's pitch, not fly-bar paddles. Some main blades have enough pitch and some don't, so please bend and twist main blades to increase some angles.
3. If this is the problem of torque direction, you can correct it by trimming the Swashplate.



What to do in order to get the C.G. corrected for Dragonfly?

C.G. will be varied with the equipments that come with the Dragonfly. Please adjust the battery position to get the C.G. corrected.



What to do when the Dragonfly can't be lifted off from the ground?

Please try to twist the center hub (used for fixing the main blades) to an angle that can make your heli to fly. Please be careful not to break it when you do this.
If it's a whole new helicopter, there are two possible reasons:
1. Battery
2. The pitches of attack for the main blade is not big enough.


What's the temperature limitation for flying your Dragonfly equipped with PG-01 gyro and R6NII receiver? Can they fly in a temperature down to 0 degree celsius?

Surely you can fly your helicopter equipped with PG-01 and R6NII down to 0 degree celsius.
The operating temperature of mentioned parts listed below:
1. PG-01 : -5℃ ~ +60℃
2. R6NII : -10℃ ~ +60℃


What is the difference between Dragonfly "EM300H" and "EM150"?

The difference between Dragonfly EM300H and EM150 is the motor different. Please check and



What's wrong when the main blades of my helicopter vibrate very much?

1. The problem would be with the center hub set of the main blades. We assumes that the center hub set is not centered or some kind of faulty, so causes this big vibration while flying. This problem can be solved by changing to a new center hub set.
2. Or the two pieces of main blades have different weight or different angles of attack. Both will cause the vibration to happen.



What is the correct position for fly-bar paddles?

The fly-bar paddles should keep parallel to the main blades and swashplate (degrees=0), and have the same pitches.



Can Li-Poly batteries work on mini Dragonfly?

Yes, surely it can work with our Dragonfly. The Li-poly batteries were not GWS standard package. Because of the lighter weight of Li-Poly, use the Swashplate to adjust and control the C.G.



Is that an EM150 or EM300H Dragonfly in the videos? Will both of them do the same flying?

There are several videos in our website (, one is of Dragonfly EM150, one is of Dragonfly EM300H and the new one is of EM300H with direct drive tail system. Both of EM300H and EM150 can do the same flying shown in the videos.