GWS Top Electric Flight FAQ

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Model types and construction



What are the differences between Indoor, Slow and Park flyers?
Generally speaking, there are no clear definitions or differentiation.

Indoor Flyers: Indoor models are mostly the smallest, lightest and slowest. Typically they weigh under 8oz. Many indoor venues impose a maximum weight limit, often 150gm. Indoor models have very low wing loadings and use the smallest available cells 50 or 110mAh being fairly usual as well as specialised motors often coreless.

Slow Flyers: Slow Flyers are sometimes regarded as an in-between type, next level up form indoor models. Some people use "Slow Flyer" as an inclusive term covering both indoor models and park flyers. Basically small, light and slow enough not to need a standard club flying field.

Park Flyers: Generally, Park Flyers are too large or heavily loaded to fly indoors. They tend to use Speed 280 size motors and up, often geared and batteries up to about 600mAh. They can weigh anything up to 16-18 oz though they are often quite large and so still have very light wing loading. They are intended for use in relatively small outdoor areas such as schoolyards or local parks.



What are GWS EDF models?
EDF stands for Electric Ducted Fan. Instead of driving a propeller the motor drives a multi-blade fan in a duct (tube) in the middle of the aircraft. GWS EDF models are scale or semi-scale jets, often military subjects though airliners and the like are also served for.




 How do I calculate duration?

1. Above all, we have to apply the battery pack's mAh rating to decide how long the needed current can be delivered in minutes:
duration = 60 * (capacity/1000) / current
eg: to calculate the duration of a 1700 mAh pack for a 30 amp draw:
duration = 60 * 1.7ah / 30 amp
duration = 3.4 minutes.

2. we can get a rough but useful estimate by finding it on the ground and then multiplying by 0.75. If your propeller is highly pitched enough so that it is stalled when running static this number will be far less accurate.