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12-09-02 Certificate of Compliance with FCC & CE.......[go]
11-26-02 Electric airplane of "Funny Park" coming soon for the market. .......[go]
11-19-02 The  series of EPS-400C coming out for the market. .......[go]
11-19-02 R/C SERVO PARK series ready for the market. .....[go]
11-19-02 New linkage to a good Web site --FMS flying simulator software (free download.).......[go]
11-06-02 V-Tail Mixer-II on the market now.........[go]
10-31-02 (2/4blade) safety spinner for p51D & 3 blade Safety spinner for EP9070x3 .....[go]
10-31-02 Revised dealer checking function, chick to the draw down list for your need......[go]
10-29-02 SANYO Ni-Cd Battery pack (400mah) & economic Ni-Mh battery pack (1600 MAh)... [go]
10-16-02 Letter of gratitude for GWS sponsor from USC  [go]
08-26-02 2002 GWS ANNUAL VACATION [go]
06-14-02 Letter of gratitude for GWS sponsor from USC  [go]
05-16-02 Moving notice. [go]
03-01-02 GWS L.A. division established. [go]
02-22-02 NEW PRODUCT! S125 Sail Winch Servo will Start Production on end of March !!
02-20-02 NEW!! Power System IPSD & LPS ready for market.
02-19-02  Holiday finished.
02-07-02 Company OFF for 12 days for Chinese lunar new year.
02-01-02 New office start decoration.
01-29-02 Boss with 5 staff departing for Nuremberg Toy Show Today